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How to write a CV in English was the workshop

Following its 2016 program  focused on enriching the academic, professional and cultural life of our students, the NELF – Centro de Estudos da Linguagem da  FATEC Indaiatuba Dr Archimedes Lammoglia held on October 05, from 1:30 to 2: 30p.m., the workshop entitled "Writing a CV in English: do's and don'ts", led by Prof. Leila Caldas. 
Some aspects were highlighted in the interaction with the audience, such as what a CV is and its function, types and characteristics of a CV according to the area and the desired function it is meant for, etc. The students were curious and surprised by some peculiarities raised and some historical data on the CV seen as a powerful piece of marketing and persuasion when well planned. A second meeting was suggested to address specifics in preparing a CV and for an interactive  analysis of some participants’ CVs. The date, time and place of this second meeting will be announced in FATEC’s domestic media.
According to Amanda (GS VI): "I really liked your presentation, it gave me another view of the CV. I had never thought about it in another culture. I would like to have more meetings. "

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